Canada: Access to Information Act

Canada's Access to Information Act was enacted in 1983 under the Pierre Trudeau government to establish public access to government documents. In addition to the federal act, each province has also passed individual freedom of information laws to govern provincial and local level agencies.

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WARN Act Records

Enacted in 1988, the Worker Adjustment and Retraining (WARN) Act mandates that employers meeting certain criteria give advance notice of layoffs and plant closures. Since the WARN Act was first passed, many states have passed their own, state-specific versions of the WARN Act. Recently, many newspapers have taken topline WARN Act data and used it to create searchable databases.

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Video Blog: County Clerk-Recorder Records

Each county in the United States has a Clerk-Recorder's office or equivalent. These offices provide marriage licensing and notary services, as well as maintain archives of public records. Here's a short video of Mike Rice at the Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's office discussing how to navigate your way around the office's in-house index systems.

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Today, the Sunlight Foundation released which compiles federal data from OpenSecrets and state data from into a comprehensive and user-friendly search interface for researchers and journalists. Transparency Data currently provides access to state and federal campaign contributions, and will offer lobbying data within several weeks.

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