At VR Research, we analyze public records to develop strategic knowledge for our clients:


We work with companies to develop competitive intelligence from public records. We help companies develop insight into their competitors’ business practices, financial situation, public contracts, regulatory issues and government affairs strategies. We help verify credentials and vet potential business partners. We provide research support to in-house counsel preparing litigation and developing client defenses.

Public Affairs and Government Relations Firms

We assist public affairs and government relations firms throughout their campaigns. We help them understand the motivations of key decision makers, formulate rapid responses for crisis communications campaigns and refine the messages tested in polls and focus groups. Learn More >>

Political Campaigns

We help political consultants distinguish their clients from the people they run against. We use public records research to develop key distinctions that inform a campaign's creative and communications planning in ways that resonate with both voters and the media. Learn More >>

Executive Hiring Committees

We provide high-level employment backgrounding services to corporate and non-profit executive hiring committees. We take a strategic approach that goes beyond traditional background checks and headhunting services—our analysis is designed to flag potential vulnerabilities relevant to the client’s interests from a complete scope of public records, resulting in better-informed interview questions and hiring decisions.