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Since we opened in 1995, we have worked for hundreds of clients in the legal, public affairs, public relations, lobbying, political and financial industries.  A few examples of how we have delivered strategic knowledge for clients:


Client Question and Goal: Working on behalf of a client, a law firm hired VR Research to document that crime in the vicinity of a shopping mall had increased, causing customers to avoid the mall.

How We Helped:  We found and analyzed police data, crime statistics and incident reports to show that crime in general and violent crime in particular was on the rise in the vicinity of the mall.  This data enabled the law firm to win it's client a beneficial resolution in the dispute.  

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Public Affairs, Public Relations, Lobbying

Client Question and Goal: VR Research was hired to research a group that presented itself as independent and unaffiliated in public testimony and newspaper opinion-editorials.

How We Helped:  We used non-profit tax filings, biographical data, news accounts and statements made at public meetings to demonstrate that the self-labeled "grassroots" entity was, in fact, funded, controlled and connected to a group of interests competing against our client's coalition helping our client to sway public opinion in their favor.

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Financial Industry

Client Question and Goal: A venture capital firm hired VR Research to conduct a due diligence background project on a group of individuals seeking capital.

How We Helped: We gathered foundational records including UCC, lien, judgment and lawsuit filings along with business license and city contract documents and demonstrated that the individuals had mischaracterized their past business "success" by excluding references to open judgments and claiming that certain contracts had been renewed when they were not.  

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Political Campaign

Client Question and Goal: VR Research was hired to review public records relating to a political candidate who was touting his business acumen as the chief reason he should be elected.

How we Helped: We used lawsuit, lien, judgment and regulatory filings to demonstrate that the candidate had engaged in a series of penny stock pump-and-dump schemes and had his ability to do business suspended by regulators.

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