New Art of Access Blog and Accompanying Book Provide Useful and Practical Advice on Getting Public Records

The Art of Access public records blog emphasizes strategies for gaining access to records.  The blog is targeted toward journalists that write document-based stories, but its resources are relevant to any member of the general public with an interest in public records.  The premise of the blog and the just released The Art of Access: Strategies for Accessing Public Records:

Requestors will be more successful in acquiring records if they understand how to work with government officials and other nuances related to FOI laws.

The blog and the book are the work of David Cullier, a University of Arizona professor of journalism, and Charles Davis, who teaches at the Missouri School of Journalism.

Both blog and book provide FOI resources including request letters, context on related laws and the names of other helpful publications.  The Art of Access book expands on these themes and includes "Pro Tips" from journalists and other seasoned FOI experts.  The book can be purchased online here.