Use JSTOR to Search Academic Journals

Whether you are interested in a particular academic area of study or in verifying the writings and pedigree of a particular academic or expert, JSTOR is your best avenue for searching content in academic journals. JSTOR originated in 1995 as a shared electronic clearinghouse for scholarly journals. At present users can search by author, topic, reviewer and in a number of other categories in over 1,400 journals covering 50 academic disciplines. More on JSTOR in this fact sheet.

The best way to access JSTOR is through the in-library system of one of JSTORs 7,000 plus participating libraries. JSTOR also allows for users to buy articles directly from the publishers that own them and for (limited) individual access outside of the confines of a participating JSTOR library.

Follow this link for a complete list of participating institutions.

For more detail on JSTOR’s search functionality go here.

For a tutorial on how not to use JSTOR materials, see this article in The New York Times and then read JSTOR’s statement on the incident described in the news.