NewsDiffs: A Tool for Tracking Changes to Online News Articles

When major news outlets publish articles online ahead of their print publication, it is not uncommon for edits to be made, and sometimes edits with significant and substantive changes. is an online resource for tracking these changes made to online news articles, detailing the words and passages that have been struck or added. 

The site currently tracks these major news outlets:,,,, and

For an excellent example of the site's utility, Talking Points Memo used the site to document how the New York Times made extensive edits to their article covering Donald Trump's latest immigration speech, originally having characterized the speech as a "a stark turnaround from the 'deportation force' and other severe tactics that helped win him the Republican nomination." Within an hour the article was revised to more correctly characterize Trump's speech, stating: "he took the stage at his campaign rally and denounced illegal immigrants on the whole as a criminally minded and dangerous group that sows terror in communities and commits murders, rapes and other heinous violence."

An excerpt showing how NewsDiffs documents changes made to a New York Times article within the first hour of its online publication.