Using Hyperwords Search Engine to Assist with Internet Research

Hyperwords, a plug-in available for the Firefox Internet browser, provides several useful features to make Internet research more efficient.  Hyperwords works by opening a pop-up menu next to any word on a web site you select and provides options for searching a wide variety of information related to that word, all without leaving the original page. After selecting a word or phrase on a web page, Hyperwords lets you:

  • Run a corresponding Google search or view related pictures and blogs.
  • Read associated Wikipedia or dictionary entries.
  • Translate languages or convert currencies and measurements.
  • Change how the text is laid out on the web page.
  • Highlight your selection throughout the page for finding easily.
  • Share by e-mail, on a blog, Twitter, or other sites.

Additionally, Hyperwords makes it easy for you to check the reliability of the site you are viewing.  You can learn who registered the domain and when it was registered, as well as any other sites that have linked to the web address.

Hyperwords is compatible with Firefox for Mac, Windows and Linux, and its menu may be customized to whatever search features you find most useful.  See the Hyperwords web site to watch the demo and learn more or to download the application for free.