More Public Records Indicators for California Schools

The California Department of Education (CDE) collects and reports on numerous school indicators beyond the Base Academic Performance Index (API) report that we discussed last week.  School budgets, class sizes, student-to-teacher ratios and access to technology are all cataloged and reported alongside school performance. Online Databases

Many CDE statistical measures related to student enrollment are compiled in an online database called DataQuest, which is searchable at the state, county, district and school levels for the following types of information:

  • Student performance and test scores
  • Student demographics and socioeconomic indicators
  • Enrollment rates (including total graduates and dropouts)
  • School staffing (including pupil-teacher ratios and average class sizes)
  • Subject area courses and technology (including students per computer and classrooms with Internet access)

Ed-Data, another online database, stores financial and administrative data for statewide, county, district and school levels in categories such as:

  • Accountability measures (including school performance and graduation rates)
  • Financial reports (including total revenues and expenditures, revenues and expenditures by category, and per-capita expense)
  • Classroom information (including number of teachers, enrollment by grade, average class size and availability of technology)

File Downloads

If you prefer to download the information for use in a customized database, the CDE makes many of the DataQuest and Ed-Data source files available:

Can't locate what you need?  Consult the Data Resource Guide.  Searchable by keyword, type of statistic or data, reporting level or date, this online catalogue organizes all CDE data and will return information on how to access the requested information.