GPO Access

GPO Access is an online collection of federal documents that is administered by the Government Printing Office and funded by the Federal Depository Library Program.  The website publishes full-text documents that are produced by the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the federal government.  For a full listing of the resources available on the GPO Access website, click here for its A-Z Resource Guide.  GPO Access also has a comprehensive Catalog of US Government Publications that lets you search across all of its content by keyword, title, author or subject and an advanced search option to limit the years, format and language.  Following is an overview of the specific types of records you can find on GPO Access by government branch.  Depending on the type of indexing, searches can be performed by date and/or keyword.  Most results can be viewed and saved in HTML, PDF or TEXT formats.



  • GPO Access refers users to the US Supreme Court for recent decisions, but Supreme Court decisions are available from 1937 - 1975 and 1992 - 2000
  • Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearings (1991 - present), Supreme Court nomination hearings (1971 - present), calendars (1999 - present) and reports (1997 - present)


  • Congressional committee materials, hearings (1995 - present), prints (1997 - present) and various subject-specific reports written by committees
  • Congressional Documents (1995 - present), which includes House Documents, Senate Documents, Senate Executive Documents and Senate Treaty Documents
  • Congressional Reports (1995 - present), including House Reports, Senate Reports and Senate Executive Reports
  • Congressional rules, procedures and handbooks

The web site also has a Federal Depository Library Locator.  With almost 1,250 locations nationwide to disseminate information free of charge, these libraries house similar documents and resources to those available online through GPO Access and may have the record you need if it predates the online content.