Recently Launched Political E-Mail Archive Worth a Look

Launched in July 2019, the Archive of Political E-mails should be on every opposition researcher’s list of sites to visit.  As of this writing, the archive contains copies of over 15,000 political e-mails sent to supporters by political candidates, PACs and other political advocacy organizations. 

E-mails on the site can be searched by political party, country, state and locality as well as by public office.  Users can also run a search over the entire archive, which is fully text searchable.  In addition, the site hosts a Stats & Leaderboards page which will show you top senders, e-mail providers (i.e., MailChimp), and many other metrics including the number of times a particular swear word was used in an e-mail captured by the site.

The site offers HTML and plain text displays of the e-mails it captures along with a screenshot of the e-mail, which is created (according to site authors at the Defending Democracy Together Institute) to preserve a picture of how the e-mail looked shortly after it was sent.

Given that some candidates send 2-3 e-mails per day, it won’t be long until the archive is overflowing with potentially interesting material so add the Archive of Political E-mails to the list of places you normally search.