OSHA Records Provide Employer History Information

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) makes many of its records available online.  OSHA's jurisdiction includes private sector and government employees, but does not apply to the self-employed.  Investigations are necessitated in such instances as:

  • Imminent danger situations
  • Fatalities or other catastrophes
  • Complaints or referrals by employees or other agencies
  • Workplaces in high-hazard industries
  • Workplaces reporting high rates of injury or illness
  • Follow-up at sites with previous violations

Inspections are conducted without advance notice either on-site or over the phone/fax.  Following  inspections, OSHA can issue a citation with penalties and dates of abatement related to alleged violations.

Information related to inspections, investigations and fines is published in several online locations:

  • Establishment Search to identify inspections and associated enforcement actions at a specific establishment (1972 - Present)

Keep in mind:  fines are often reduced following negotiation between OSHA and employers.  Also keep in mind:  OSHA's online system, while very comprehensive, doesn't contain original copies of inspector reports or notes.  For these, submit a public records act request to the applicable state labor department.